Signs of a Bad Child Care Centre

Your child deserves to be in the best child care centre where they are encouraged to grow in all aspects of their lives. But is it possible to get such a centre for your child? Yes, it is possible if you put some effort into finding it. Luckily, in Australia, we have many childcare centres that can easily confuse parents.

Getting the right childcare centre is never easy; you have to be involved in a rigorous process. Some strict parents end up conducting interviews with even the teachers that will be handling the children. That is a great way to know who these caregivers behave.

There are also bad ones that will never make your child grow, just like there are great child care centres. No one should make light of the critical period that your child is in. That should tell you that getting a high-quality child care centre is very important. Nevertheless, here are some of the major signs that you are dealing with a counterfeit or substandard childcare centre. Let’s get started.

1. There is no interesting environment.

The child should be in an environment where they are fully getting involved and interacting with others. However, in a bad child care centre, you will find very old fashioned toys and a less stimulating environment. The toys are not appealing at all to the children. This means that children can easily develop stunted development in their psychological life.

2. It is dirty.

This is one of the obvious signs that you are dealing with a bad child care centre. If you are a clean parent, you will easily smell an odour in such centres. If you will find potties that have not been emptied around, that’s the wrong place to take your child. Some may have clean floors and surfaces but have very dirty toys. It would help if you clarified to know how often they disinfect or clean the toys. It would help if you had a child care centre that will keep your child clean always.

3. Does not offer emotional support.

If you find children crying in the centres and the caregiver does not even care to know why the child is crying, you better cancel such a child care centre. If you notice that some children are brushed off while others are unattended, or the caregiver is raising their voice against the child, know that you are dealing with the wrong daycare. Every child is looking for parental love, and if the mother is away, the caregiver should be the one to keep the child comfortable.

4. It is crowded.

It could be that the child care centre is crowded because it charges low but offers very substandard services. Any centre that has too many children is a sign that they are not receiving enough care. That should tell you that there is no development or learning in such a class.

5. It is not secure.

If there is no security guard at the gate to ask you why you visit the school, then the environment is not safe enough. It is easy for your child to be stolen from such a school. Many people want to sell the children, and if they are not in a safe environment, anything can happen to them.

Some are unlicensed and don’t even have a curriculum to follow. That means that the children do not grow in all aspects of their lives.